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It tells the story of Chris "Izzy" Cole, a tribute band singer who ascended to the position of lead vocalist of his favorite band, which was inspired by the real-life story of Tim "Ripper" Owenssinger in a Judas Priest tribute band who was chosen to replace singer Rob Halford when he left the band.

After opting the filming rights to the story, Warner Bros. Brad Pitt was initially signed to play the lead role but left due to creative differences, and Wahlberg was eventually hired for the part. By day, Chris is a photocopier technician and by night, he is the lead singer of a Steel Dragon tribute band called Blood Pollution the name is taken from a Steel Dragon song.

Internal struggles among the actual Steel Dragon band members culminate with the firing of their lead singer, Bobby Beers Jason Flemyngand the beginning of recruitment sessions to find a new vocalist. Chris experiences his own strife with his Blood Pollution bandmates, particularly guitarist Rob Malcolm Timothy Olyphant. During a live performance, Rob's playing fails to live up to Chris' over-demanding standards regarding note-for-note accuracy to the original Steel Dragon recordings, and Chris sabotages Rob's amplifier mid-song — a fight breaks out between the two onstage.

The next day, Chris meets Blood Pollution at a rehearsal session, but he finds out that he has been replaced with his arch-rival, the now former lead singer of another Steel Dragon tribute band. Rob also cites Chris' inability to create his own musical style, preferring to remain the singer in a tribute band.

One day, Chris receives an unexpected phone call from Steel Dragon's founder and rhythm guitarist, Kirk Cuddy Dominic Westand is offered an audition for the band thanks to two of Blood Pollution's groupies, who showed Kirk a videotape of one of Blood Pollution's concerts.

After hanging up on Kirk once, thinking he's being pranked by Rob, Chris ecstatically agrees. At the studio, he meets the band and gives an outstanding performance of " We All Die Young " a Steel Dragon song in the movie, but it is actually a song by Steelheartwhose lead vocalist, Miljenko Matijevicprovides Cole's singing voice for the film.

Chris joins the band as their new singer, adopting the stage name "Izzy". Following a successful debut concert with Steel Dragon, Izzy must come to grips with the pressures of his new-found fame and success. The band embarks on a lengthy tour and Izzy experiences the excesses of the lifestyle, with the group's road manager, Mats Timothy Spallserving as a sympathetic mentor to Izzy.

His new lifestyle impacts his life both for better and worse, particularly with his relationship with his supportive girlfriend, Emily Poule Jennifer Anistonwhen she decides not to continue with him throughout the remainder of the tour as a rock star girlfriend, though Emily and Izzy agree to get back together when the tour reaches Seattle.

Eventually, Steel Dragon stops in Seattle for a show, and Emily arrives at his hotel room as they had previously arranged, although Izzy had become so inebriated while on tour he forgot about the arrangement and did not even know what city he was in.

Although taken aback by all the groupies, Emily still tries to reconnect with him, reminding him of their plans to meet up once he got to Seattle, however he is too intoxicated to really understand what she is saying, eventually suggesting they go to Seattle together.

Heartbroken with his inconsiderate behavior, intoxication and the fact that he is sleeping with so many groupies, Emily leaves him. Six months later, Izzy reports to the next series of Steel Dragon recording sessions with song concepts and artwork for the band's next album. The rest of the band like his ideas, but they reject them, with Kirk explaining that the band has to stay true to the "Steel Dragon thing" to fulfill fan expectations. Izzy is angered upon realizing that he was only recruited for his vocal abilities.

After a heartfelt conversation with Mats about how he feared he had no control over the direction life has taken him, Izzy begins to reconsider his rock star lifestyle. On the next tour, in a scene directly paralleling one near the beginning of the film with their roles reversed, Izzy hears a fan Myles Kennedy singing along with him toward the end of a live concert.

Impressed, Izzy pulls the fan, who introduces himself as Thor, onstage and hands him the microphone to finish the concert.The "Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows" widget tracks the real-time popularity of relevant pages on IMDb, and displays those that are currently generating the highest number of pageviews on IMDb.

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From Saint Maud to The Wicker Man here are some British horror movies that are certain to keep you looking over your shoulder for weeks to come. See the full gallery. See what's trending now. The film follows Janardhan Jhakar in a series of flashbacks and flash forwards, how the small collage boy became an international rock sensation "Jordan".

To chase his dreams of a rockstar, the wanna-be singer his counseled that music and feelings only come with pain. In the process of which, he meets Heer, a tough on the outside and popular college girl, the both become friends, and as time passes by his dreams of music fade away as they spend time together. When heer moves away, Janardhan is thrown out of his house because of family misunderstandings.

As he bides his time at a local mosque, his passion for music comes back to life. He is soon signed by a record label, where he makes more enemies than friends, his tour takes him to Prague, where he is reunited with a married Heer.

Things go awry when the two share an intimate moment, and Jordan his deported to India on trespassing charges filed by Heer's husband. Written by Eros International. My first comment is to Imtiaz Ali-- What were you thinking, bro? For sublime love is the thread that binds this beautiful bitter sweet tale together.

The starting point of the story is a young ordinary low middle class callow youth who is a wannabe singer, strumming his guitar to ordinary lyrics hoping to make it big. He is accused of being shallow by his mentor and advised to seek out "PAIN" in order to light the creative spark, that divine glow that accompanies great art. Unbeknownst to him, his casual and frivolous flirtation with this search for angst leads him into the deep end where he has to come face to face first with true love and then with the inevitable pain that comes with it.

The dialogues are fabulous. So is the cinematography. The snow clad mountains of Kashmir and the misty mornings of New Delhi, the green fields full of flowers in Prague place the story in the here and now when in truth the story could belong to any era, any century, any epoch.

The universality of love, the self realisation that comes with it, the realisation that this life is but a dream is what the movie is really about. The essence of the story is not in the physicality of love but love beyond the here and now, beyond right and wrong and love for the Creator who was there when there was nothing else.

rockstar movie

See what I mean when I ask Imtiaz--what were you thinking, bro? And now for the piece de resistance-the music, the lyrics, the singer. If there were any doubts being expressed by the hoi polloi about A R Rehman's diminishing creativity well then, here is his rebuttal. The music is earthy, rooted in our traditions and culture, and designed to rock. It's astonishing how Rehman is able to dive into the musical traditions of the Punjab to create the "Saada Haq" and "Katiyaan Karoon".

Irshad Kamil's lyrics, if you take the time to listen to the songs and understand the words, are beyond compare. Mohit Chauhan's voice is eminently suitable for all the songs. My favorite is "Naadaan parinde, ghar aajaa" Listen to the lyrics and cry. We have been enjoying a lot of junk food lately.From Saint Maud to The Wicker Man here are some British horror movies that are certain to keep you looking over your shoulder for weeks to come. See the full gallery. Chris Cole was born to rock.

His longtime girlfriend Emily believes his talent could take him all the way - but Chris worships at the altar of Bobby Beers, the fiery frontman for heavy metal legends Steel Dragon. By day, Chris still lives at home with his parents and spends his days repairing copy machines. But when Chris takes the stage, fronting Pennsylvania's premiere Steel Dragon tribute band, all of that disappears.

Chris Cole is Bobby Beers - mesmerizing audiences with his perfect imitation of Beers' electrifying vocals. The night his bandmates boot him out of the group, Chris is devastated - until an unexpected phone call changes his life forever: He, Chris Cole, has been tapped to replace Bobby Beers as the lead singer of Steel Dragon. In an instant, Chris rockets to the dizzying heights of sudden stardom, rising from devotee to icon, from rock fan to rock god - the wanna-be who got to be.

So what happens when an average guy gets everything he wants - and discovers it's not Written by Sujit R. As the movie started I was more than satisfied. A lot of the early scenes were funny and entertaining. The concert scenes made me feel like I was actually there.

If I didn't know better, I could've been fooled into thinking Steel Dragon was a real band, and all their songs actually were made in the mid 80s.

The underdog portion of the story may not be original, but it still works none the less. And by the time Wahlberg's character was in his first concert with the band, I really thought Rock Star could be one of the coolest movies of the year. But at about the halfway point, I was lost. The second half of this movie could've really used a lot of work on the script.

I say that the second half of the script needed work, but what I should say is the second half of the movie actually could've used a script, period. The second half is held together by some predictable sequences, all telling the story of a guy indulging in the rock star life, which we've all heard and seen a thousand times. There were very few moments that actually were used to progress the story. But I don't want to give the impression that Rock Star was no good. Although some of the movie didn't work, I still had a blast watching it.

The music is what really holds it together. Both the original songs written for the film Steel Dragonand the background songs used.The film was produced by Eros International Ltd.

It follows Janardhan Jakhar a. JJ or Jordan, who dreams of becoming a rockstar like his role model, Jim Morrison. Yet, eventually on attaining all that he dreamt of, Jordan ends up anguished and despondent, by the loss of Heer Kaul, whom he loved passionately and whose death is inadvertently caused by Jordan himself.

Development of Rockstar commenced in May Nargis Fakhri was cast as the female lead, after plans to give the role to Kareena Kapoor were shelved. Rockstar was released on 11 November On the day of release, Tibetans in Chennai and Dharmasala protested against the Central Board of Film Certification for asking the film-makers to censor scenes featuring the Tibetan flag.

Upon release, the film received positive reviews. The film did well at the box office, managing to appeal the youngsters in the cities. A large crowd gathers outside the Verona Arena in Italy to watch the performance of rockstar Jordan. Despite being mobbed, he storms onto the stage in a fit of rage and starts strumming his guitar. A flashback reveals the story of Jordan, whose real name is Janardhan Jakhar a. JJ, a Jat boy from Delhi.

He is studying at University of Delhi and dreams of being a rockstar like Jim Morrisonfor which he is often laughed at by his friends. Khatana, the canteen owner, tells JJ that one thing common among all artists is a life-altering heartbreak.

JJ jokingly tells himself that since that hasn't happened yet, he won't be able to reach his idol's status. He watches the dance performance of Heer Kaul, a beautiful girl from St. Stephen's College during a contest, and overhears that she is the "perfect-heartbreaking-machine. Over time, he and Heer become good friends, often going on adventures and engaging in risky behaviour.

Heer marries a man named Jai in Kashmirafter which the couple moves to Prague. During this time, she develops feelings for JJ and coins the nickname "Jordan" for him. JJ finds himself thrown out by his brothers for allegedly stealing family money. He takes refuge for two months in the nearby Nizamuddin Dargahsinging qawwalisand then moves into Khatana's home.

Sheena, a journalist, interviews JJ and hints to him that Dhingra is sending artists to Prague for a Europe tour. JJ volunteers to work there, in the hopes of reuniting with Heer. Heer, meanwhile, suffers from continuous health problems.

She meets JJ in Prague and they reconnect, but when he tries to profess his love for her, Heer, being married, spurns him. Despite this, their relationship gets intimate, and Heer feels guilty. As soon as Jordan's Prague tours are over, she leaves him.

JJ tries to visit her one last time before departing to India, but is arrested on trespassing charges filed by Heer's husband. While JJ is being taken away, he sees Heer collapse. Upon being deported back to India, he is overwhelmed by the attention he receives, and clashes with the media and the Indian police, resulting in a jail term.

The event garners enough publicity to make Dhingra decide to release JJ's recordings; the album does well, throwing JJ into the limelight. After being released, JJ terminates his contract with Dhingra, embarks on a country-wide tour and finally morphs fully into "Jordan", the rockstar he had aspired to be.

He turns bitter, arrogant, and lonely as time goes on, but remains a highly popular artist. Jordan meets Heer's younger sister, Mandy, during one of his concerts, and she asks him to help Heer, who has been diagnosed with aplastic anaemia. Jordan's presence causes Heer to somewhat recover and her blood level rise.Forgot your password? Don't have an account? Sign up here.

rockstar movie

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Every character becomes a cipher for a strangely reactionary morality tale. Geoff Andrew. Jeff Strickler. Peter Bradshaw. The weight of what might have been hangs heavily over the proceedings. Peter Rainer. A slick, soulless, desperately predictable trawl through rock'n'roll clichs. Nev Pierce. Rex Reed. Capping off a not-to-be-missed soundtrack, real-life heavy metal musicians Debbie Lynn Elias.

Nell Minow. A watered down, lukewarm and very clich rock fantasy Felix Vasquez Jr. The first half is hilarious but the second gives itself more to cautionary moralising and life lessons. Angie Errigo. Just as it should be falling apart, its melodrama becomes more touching than ever, ultimately shaping a film about much more than any band and more poetic than any song on the radio.Sign In. Edit Rock Star Chris 'Izzy' Cole Jennifer Aniston Emily Poule Dominic West Joe Cole Michael Shamus Wiles Cole Beth Grant Cole Jason Flemyng Nina Kristin Richardson Samantha as Kristin Willits Jamie Williams Mason Bell Keith Loneker Roadie 1 Sami Reed Amber Kara Zediker Marci Stephan Jenkins Cream Reporter Gene 'Bean' Baxter Bouncer Sonya Stephens Nurse Neil Zlozower Photographer Kirk Enochs Fan 1 Myles Kennedy Thor Rachel Hunter Kirk's Wife Carrie Stevens Ghode's Wife Daphne Amy Miller Office Worker Lorna ScottYou can also paginate, filter, and order your anomaly scores.

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rockstar movie

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We All Die Young - Steel Dragon (Rockstar Movie)

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